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Kuwa's Jutsu

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Kuwa's Jutsu

Post by Kuwa on Tue Mar 24, 2009 11:41 am

Raikogan: My kekkei gankai, an ocular jutsu at gives me the power to see electric current and to control both lightning and lightning chakra.

Nerve Fist: A style of fightning based off of hitting my opponents nervous system, much like the gentle fist but hitting the nerves instead of the chakra points. Im very fast when using this style, at a blur movement, so blocking will be very hard.

Nerve Minipulation:gives me the ability to create more nerves to speed up my movement, make me stronger, and heal faster. When this is active, nerves are visible along my entire body, as long bumps.

Paralysis jutsu:I hit nerves that paralize my opponents. If I hit a nerve in the arms of legs, then that arm or leg will be paralized. if I hit at the spine I can paralize the entire body.

Nerve Healing: I use the raikogan to minipulate my nervious system to speed up my healing factor 25x.

Dispel Jutsu: using the Raikogan i can inactivate any of my opponents lightning chakra based jutsu.

Lightning Style Arts:


Chidori Bolt: A bolt of lightning is shoot from the chidori in my hand and is aimed at the opponent. Think Pikachu's thunder jolt but instead of the whole body being covered by lightning, just the hand.

Chidori Nagashi: a full body chidori, like an aura of lightning that covers all of my body, and electrocutes whoever touches it. Also can be used as a magnetic field to deflect projectiles.

Lightning Clone.

Static Cling: I use static electricity to make my grasp almost unescapeable. anything I hold will not be let go of so easily.

Static Trap: I hit the ground and cause the opponent to be stuck to the ground by static electricity, not very easy to get out of, usually stuck in one spot.

Medical Arts:

Palm Healing Jutsu:

Chakra Scalpel

Wind Style Arts:

Wind Cutting Blade: forms spinning wind around my hand that will tear anything to shreds

Wind Ripple: I hit the ground and release a continues blast of wind in all directions to blow anything away.

Dual Wind Blast: I release a cpncentrated blast of wind from both palms.

Air Shield: I create a dome of wind around me to protect me from most jutsu and weapons, can also blow enemies away.

Upward Strike: I hit the ground with both hands and pour wind into the earth, The earth all around me or under one opponent suddenly blows up and releases a mass of wind up into the air.

Giant Wind Vortex: I create a huge votex of rotating wind that moves on its side outward, blowing everything away that it hits with much force. based off of the Giant Water Vortex Jutsu, only with wind instead.

Reverse Vortex: I make a vortex that sucks everything towards it with much force.

Other Jutsu:

Summoning Jutsu: I can summon giant porcupines that can shoot their 10 ft long quill out at will. They have earth chakra and jutsu.

Hidden Lotus: Reverse Wind: A very fast move where I combine my speed from nerve manipulation and my mastery over wind to run at unseen speeds to hit my opponent up into the air multipule times and then appear above them and release a huge blast of swirling wind that ravenges the opponent and throws them into the ground with much force, usually leaving a crater.
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