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Kama's Weapons

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Kama's Weapons

Post by Kama on Tue Apr 28, 2009 6:46 pm

Are as follows

Katana and wakazashi made of highly conductive metal

8-pointed shuriken

Senbon needles:Red:clots bood on impact

Blue:kills nerve cells on impact

Chakra Gloves: Gloves that help with focusing my chakra and gives me an adhesive like grip.

I have acquried, with the help of Spade, Deliverance, a scythe weapon that creates aftershocks though whatever substance I hit. The aftershocks are almost powerful enough to split atoms.

Conduit Ring: ring given to me by the griffins, is linked to all the griffins chakra systems, allows me to take and use chakra from anyone of them, but without taking so much that it kills them. Gives me therefore, a huge amount of chakra.

Dark Path: Cloak that allows me to cross dimensional borders and teleport from place to place. Made from the silk that is in the feathers of the griffins themselves, which is unbreakable.

Dark Path can also transform into almost any outfit, which can hide me if need be.

Shinkira: name given to the swords of Kento clan members. Most are forged by the use directly, or in their pressence. My Shinkira is forged with Sky Iron, an extremely stong metal which I aquired during a mission to Cloud 9. Sky Iron borders on being indestructable, since very few forces can destroy it. Its is most noted for its ability to resist the elements. If frozen or set on fire, it does not change temperature, and it doesnt conduct electricity. While forging my Shinkira with Akarui, a long god of sliver was placed in the center of the blade, and extending into the handle, so that I can transmit an electric current through the blade, and since Sliver is the the metal with the most conductivity, it conducts it extremely well. I can use it to send pulses or bolts of lightning through the blade, which are completely invisible, since it only travels through the core, and shoots out at the tip. My Shinkira is in the form of a Katana.

Redemption: My first Keyblade, it has the power over air pressure, giving me enhanced power over wind element. Also, when the blade is swung, it swings with the power of 5000 tons of air pressure behind it, making its blows extremely powerful, and able to crush through almost anything.
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