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Risen From The Grave...

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Risen From The Grave...

Post by Skelette on Sat May 23, 2009 11:17 pm

Name: Skelette
Species: ... Some type of energy skeleton... thing... monster.
Age: ?
Abilities: Body Manifestation, Shini Bones/Energy, powerful magic known as Graveyard Havoc/Necromancy.

Build: Small, no more than 4 feet, shrouded in thick clothing; that of a robe or hoodie... or something. It covers its entire body all the time, except for the hood, which leaves an opening to what seems to be complete darkness... except for one piercing green eye and the dimmer green outline of what seems to be a skull. There are 2 large bones crossed over the torso/chest/pelvis/...entirebody of the cloak/robe/hoodie that it wears. It seems to have no physical body whatsoever, nor any appendages... no limbs, just a head.

Story: A being of unknown species... Just a being of some kind. Lingering dark magic was left within the air of a graveyard one day... and it seeped into the grave of a creature gone wrong. That's the story that everyone tells. It just might be true. They said that the essence of a black magic using necromancer embroidered himself within the bones of the dead due to a miscalculation he made, forever leaving him in the state of energy and within the bones of some sort of skeleton... Though the necromancer would not rest like this. With his last amount of energy, he awakened the bones that he had sealed his magics within and animated them, thus leading to Skelette. Skelette dawned these magical talents upon the final wishes of the necromancer, though because of the necromancer's putrid and secluded mind, these leftover feelings became Skelette's personality; Taciturn, secluded, cold... Just like the dead. Though, there are times when Skelette will show compassion... Perhaps from its own knowledge... or from its memory of its dead brethren... Or perhaps the necromancer wasn't all that bad? No one could ever know...

Ability Description
Body Manifestation: Can break itself down into energy in its purest form and travel in that fashion, since speed is not one of its strong points. This also means it can create surpluses of the energy that it is made out of, which happens to be Shini energy, explained below.

Shini Bones/Energy: Shini energy itself is a mainly black energy surrounded by green and purple colors. It has the special ability to rip literally through shadows/darkness as well as cut through light. The green and purple energy surrounding the black parts are extremely stiff and hard, able to cut through various substances with little effort while the black part is some type of liquidy thing that can take the shape of different things. This black liquid seems to be contained by the outline of the green and purple energy, which makes them work together to form different things. Skelette is most known for making extremely large and long, flat whips that look similar to spinal cords made of this Shini Energy emerge from under its cloak/robe thing. In a technical sense, it can create these things from anywhere on its alleged 'body.' Its skull head is made out of this energy, though a larger manifestation of it than normal. Shini Energy is virtually indestructible in all ways and the green and purple energy around it allows the Shini Energy to ALWAYS AND ABSOLUTELY stay in that form of energy. It is literally impossible for Shini Energy to be converted or overpowered by any other energy, making it have the ability to shirk off and/or rip through dark/matter, or even a star with little effort. Shini Energy is literally accessible only to Skelette and is unable to be taken over/controlled/manipulated by others unless they manipulate Skelette themselves.

Graveyard Havoc: A powerful, partially necromantic magic that allows the summoning of Shini Energy covered skeletons/puppets/corpses/dead that abide by the thoughts of Skelette. The majority of this magic, however, is a mixture of Shini energy and pure black necromantic energy. Skelette, itself, casts no shadow because its shadow is always being used within this energy, mostly just to guide the attacks with a lot more precision. In a sense, you could say that Skelette's shadow is within the attacks. Also, Graveyard Havoc allows Skelette to reanimate any dead thing, however it will be a zombie or another sort of undead creature and it will be quite susceptible to light and holy energy, despite whatever it was like before death, and they will be servants of Skelette eternally or else they will return to being dead. It may also summon up any sort of undead being almost instantly, as well as bring inanimate objects to life via the power of Necromancy. Lastly, it may siphon out the life and soul of things it touches using Necromancy for energy, or it may use Necromantic magics in general and that dark magic will absorb the life/soul for it.

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