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List of Elemental Summons

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List of Elemental Summons

Post by Skelette on Sun Jun 14, 2009 11:50 pm

These are the summons that can be used depending on a number of Standby Djinn you have. The requirements of each Djinn to make each summon will be in parenthesis.

Single Element Summons.

Venus: (1 Venus Djinn) Venus Energy takes the form of a Venus Djinn and proceeds in shooting a barrage of Venus energy balls straight from the earth under a foe.

Ramses: (2 Venus Djinn) Venus energy forms into a large pyramid with a Pharaoh head on the top and 2 floating fists. Ramses can make large boulders rain from the skies down on the opponent and cause its fists to explode on the foe to cause a great deal of damage.

Cybele: (3 Venus Djinn) Venus energy forms into an amphibious creature with a beard and 2 twin bonsai trees growing out of its head. Cybele spits out many seeds in the area and creates an endless amount of thorns and vines to entangle and ensnare the foe and stab them a great deal. The vines will not stop until the roots themselves have been destroyed or until Cybele leaves the battle.

Judgment: (4 Venus Djinn) Venus Energy forms into an angelic knight with a right arm Lion Cannon, a left arm Angel Sword, Eagle Wings and large Bull Horns on its armored head. It will charge energy into its Lion Cannon and shoot the Judgment blast into the ground, in which the blast will expand and engulf EVERYTHING in the set area. (requires 1 turn of charging and 1 turn for the blast.)

Mars: (1 Mars Djinn) Mars energy forms into a Mars Djinn which will launch itself at a high speed at the foe and ignite upon contact, resulting in an explosion and a lingering flame under the foe that will burn them intensely.

Kirin: (2 Mars Djinn) Mars energy forms into a 2 headed, 4 horned canine creature that runs at unimaginable speeds and leaves a maelstrom of flames behind it as it runs. It will scoop up the user and strike the foe, then let the flames do the rest.

Tiamat: (3 Mars Djinn) Mars energy forms into a gigantic, purple dragon that continuously makes fireballs rain from the sky randomly. It also shoots out melting hot fire from its mouth to engulf the entire area in addition to the raining fireballs.

Meteor: (4 Mars Djinn) Mars Energy forms into a gargantuan meteor from space. The meteor is so big that it will crush the entire area in a flaming mass of destruction and explosions. It takes 1 post for the meteor to come down and one post for the meteor to hit.

Jupiter: (1 Jupiter Djinn) Jupiter energy forms into a Jupiter Djinn which will shoot out a barrage of swift, large purple Jupiter Energy orbs at the foe nonstop.

Atalanta: (2 Jupiter Djinn) Jupiter energy forms into a large, young, green haired maiden garbed in Greek attire. She can create a nonstop onslaught of large, extremely fast, green energy arrows from around her or from the sky out of nothingness.

Procne: (3 Jupiter Djinn) Jupiter energy forms into a large, divine, beakless bird. Procne incapacitates the enemy by creating a divine tornado with her wings, then while the enemy is helpless, she shoots various blasts of Jupiter energies at them within the tornado and lets them drop from the skies.

Thor: (4 Jupiter Djinn) Jupiter energy forms into a seal with a rune in the middle meaning "Giant" in darkened skies which shoots down a gigantic lightning bolt on the foes and from it emerges a giant viking man with a lightning sparked hammer. Thor will electrocute all enemies with his electrical hammer Mjollnir and proceed in smashing them with the hammer, making thunderous explosions of electricity. It takes 1 post to make the seal and 1 post for Thor to attack.

Mercury: (1 Mercury Djinn) Mercury energy forms into a Mercury Djinn which will shoot out super fast, bullet-like jets of energy at the foe.

Nereid: (2 Mercury Djinn) Mercury energy forms into a an extremely large, young, Japanese maiden with purple hair holding an open Japanese fan, sitting ontop of a gigantic turtle. The turtle she is on will ride in on currents of a huge amount of water that will engulf the area and drown everything, then all of the waterwill focus on the enemy, compress and condense and spout straight upwards with an extremely high pressure on the Nereid's command.

Neptune: (3 Mercury Djinn) Mercury energy forms into a titanic purple whale with extremely large tusks and a large frontal spout instead of a spout on its head. It will shoot an incredibly large beam from this said spout into the air and waterfalls will rain down with a high pressure on the foe.

Boreas: (4 Mercury Djinn) Mercury energy forms into a mountainous, machine-like entity with its lower torso trapped in a mountain. Somewhat smaller mounds of ice fall into a hole on its back and get ground up by an ice shaver that is embedded in its body. Huge clods of ice will instantly freeze the foe, leaving them able to do literally nothing as Boreas fires a gigantic arrow that will pierce through the ice directly at the enemy, then explode the ice and set them free. Takes 1 post to shave ice and one post to freeze the opponent as well as fire the arrow.
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Overlord of Doom

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Re: List of Elemental Summons

Post by Skelette on Mon Jun 15, 2009 12:44 am

Double Elemental Summons.

Zagan: (1 Venus, 1 Mars) Mar and Venus energy frm into a large Minotaur with a lion's main, unicorn horn and horse's tail wielding a poleaxe. Zagan will storm into the area and swipe its poleaxe at the enemy that will not only nullify defenses, but make a fiery explosion with each contact made.

Megaera: (1 Mars, 1 Jupiter) Mars and Jupiter energy form into 2 large swords that stab down on either side of the enemy and trap them there, and suddenly a large fiery maelstrom incinerates the trapped enemy. Megaera herself, a large, young maiden with angel wings who wields these two swords will appear herself after all of this and can continue these tornadoes from afar or directly. Her furious flames will allows the user to have a great increase in power.

Flora: (2 Jupiter, 1 Venus) Jupiter and Venus energy form a young, pink-clothed, purple-haired goddess in the skies with small green wings in her hair, who will summon a barrage of sharp petals to attack the opponent. These sharpened petals will instantly put to sleep whoever they cut.

Moloch: (2 Mercury, 1 Jupiter) Mercury and Jupiter energy form a massive, white-furred, single-horned dog-like monster appearing out of a falling snowstorm that will breathe out ice at its opponents. The ice will cut the speed of the opponent by half.

Haures: (3 Venus, 2 Mars) Venus and Mars energy form a wretched blue demon emerging from a black mass that will slash at the foes with demonic nails that can seemingly rip through space. These venomous claws will also induce poison.

Ulysses: (2 Mars, 2 Mercury) Mars and Mercury energy form a glowing card transforming to a Japanese-themed mage that summons talisman papers, and each one transforms into a giant scissor-like object that bites and crunches the enemy party. If the biting papers hit, they will make the foe unable to attack for one post.

Eclipse: (3 Jupiter, 2 Mercury) Jupiter and Mercury energy form a titanic orange dragon above the world’s atmosphere launch a beam attack from its mouth onto the landscape below, engulfing the enemy and the rest of the landscape in a humongous explosion. This explosion will instantly weaken the enemy severely if they get caught in it, even if they manage to block it.

Coatlicue: (3 Mercury, 3 Jupiter) Mercury and Jupiter energy form a goddess, in clothing featuring giant chimes, who summons water to float upward, engulfing the user and restoring a small amount of chakra and energy to the user. At the turn that she must leave, she will restore all of the chakra and energy of the foe, unless they are dead or the battle is over.

Charon: (8 Venus, 2 Jupiter) Venus and Jupiter energy form a cloaked, skeletal entity emerge from a giant dark seal in the landscape and summon a mass of black and purple energy to engulf each individual enemy one by one, causing them to drown in the River Styx, then the dark mass will explode and free them with the cost of a severe portion of their lives/chakra/energy. Sometimes, their lives will be taken instantly. (Dice Roll, 2 dice, must be over 10.) Takes 2 turns to summon from the rune, 1 turn to engulf the foe in the River Styx and one turn to release them.

Daedalus: (4 Mars, 3 Venus) Mars and Venus energy form a giant monolithic golem-like statue emerging from the ground and launching a nonstop array of artillery missiles fueled by some sort of fantasy technology. Then Daedalus launches a much larger, mountain sized missile that will come down only on the turn when Daedalus leaves the battlefield, causing a massive, meteor-like explosion. Takes 1 turn to rise, 1 turn to shoot out the small missiles.

Catastrophe: (5 Jupiter, 3 Mars) Jupiter and Mars energy form a titanic, demonic knight somewhat reminiscent of (and seemingly the polar opposite to) the Judgment summon sequence’s angel knight. Catastrophe, in the apocalyptic red sky, wields its gigantic sword to summon a three-sided pyramid of lightning that lands onto the area below and folds out, letting loose the explosion of electricity within. The lightning wall then assumes the form of a dragon’s head, and the entire conglomeration of electricity charges through the enemy. This summon also drains the enemy of all chakra upon being hit. Takes 1 turn to charge energy, 1 turn to make the pyramid and 1 turn to shoot out the electricity.

Azul: (4 Mercury, 3 Venus) Mercury and Venus energy forms a very lengthy blue sea serpent that will engulf the area of the enemy in compressed and compacted dimension of water. Azul will then make this dimension into a bubble and pop it, an explosion hurting the foe and bringing them back into this dimension. This will instantly paralyze the enemy. Takes 1 turn to make the bubble and 1 turn to crush the enemy in its currents, then 1 turn to pop it.

Iris: (9 Mars, 4 Mercury) Mars and Mercury energy form a matriarchal goddess garbed in a divinely textured array of clothing summon up the foes and project them into outer space, where they are sent into the blaze of the Sun itself. It is considered the most powerful of all Summons, other than Charon. In addition, even if it misses, all of the allies are healed completely of all malformities, wounds, health, chakra, energy, etc. and cured of all ailments. Takes 2 posts to form in the skies, 1 turn to project the foe into space, and 1 post to let them fly into the sun. Once projected, the foe is instantly stripped of chakra, making escape very slim.
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Overlord of Doom

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