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Dice Rolls

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Dice Rolls

Post by Chizuni on Mon Mar 23, 2009 9:48 am

We have dice rolls here to decide which jutsu of two ninja would when they butt heads.
If two ninja's jutsu collide, they are said to clash, and each person rolls 4 dice. whoever has the most after adding the dice up, will be the winner. The jutsu clash done regardless of rank.

If a powerful attack of an oppoent comes at you, and you directly block (Not dodging) (sword block, etc) one does an attack dice roll with 4 as normal and the defender does an defense dice roll.

Genjutsu attacks are also completely governed by dice rolls unless said otherwise. The genjutsu user rolls dice according to rank: Genin and Chunnin roll one die, Jounin and Anbu roll 2 dice and Sannin and Kage roll three dice. if the user of genjutsu wins, the other person(s) will be caught in the genjutsu. IF this happens, the person can try to release the genjutsu on their next post if they so desire. To try and release, you roll the genjutsu dice again according to your rank, and if your total is higher than that of the original genjutsu users roll, then you break the genjutsu. if in the original roll, the defender is higher in the roll, then the genjutsu fails.

More rules for the dice rolls will be developed, if you have suggestions, please contact the higher ups.
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