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Main Rules

Post by Chizuni on Mon Mar 23, 2009 9:22 am

1.This is a site for those who want to have funnnnnnn! So anyone who doesnt match that discription can leave.
2. This site is loosely based on Naruto and someother manga. We do not accecpt characters from the original manga or animes, you must make your own character.
3. God-hacking is ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN!!!!!! Anyone caught doing this will get one warning.
4. Autohitting is forbidden unless you are two ranks higher than the other person, but that doesnt mean you can outrightly kill them or do Huge moves on them and say they cant block.
5. You must post your Character Bios. Jutsu List, and Weapons List before doing anything else. Your posts will be ignored if you dont have all three. on another note, you cant use jutsu and weapons that are not on your lists. The ONLY exception is when you develope a new move. HOWEVER-you may not MAY NOT develope a new move every single fight, and/or post.
6. If you are killed, your character may not comeback unless someone of a very high (sannin or kage usually) rank brings them back.(they can only do this if they have the power to) If you die just make another character.
7. We give three warnings if rules of any kind are broken (unless stated). On the last you will be deleted or banned (depending on the situation) I realize everyone makes mistakes, so I can forgive and forget. However, dont test me or anyone higher up. There are rules for a reason.
8. I dont tolerate swearing, cussing, or foul language of any kind. If I find you swearing at someone, you might be killed off. I do understand the use if you are in a sticky situation, but please limit yourself. I espesially hate the use of the F, B and G words. There may be younger users here, dont teach them anything you wouldn't teach to your Grandma (You get my meaning)
9. I and any of the higher ups will take suggestions of any kind. Our goal is to make this site the best it can be, so please PM us.
10. There are going to be changes in these or other rules probably, so dont be surprised.
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